Prospective Tenants

If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. We’re here to help prospective tenants through the process of finding and applying for the home of your dreams.

Applications are NOT necessarily taken on a first come first serve basis. If multiple applications are submitted for the same property, EXPERT Property Management and/or the owner reserves the right to accept the application that best meets the criteria set below and any other factors that may be taken into consideration when processing the application (ex. Length of time of lease, Move-In Date, etc.)

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Tenant Information

Tenant Selection


  1. All applications must be fully completed, dated and signed electronically.
  2. Photo ID is required.
  3. Reliable documentation and telephone numbers of all income sources must be provided.
  4. Income must be a minimum of 3 times the rental amount for all applicants or/and guarantor.
    • If employed, you will need the employment verification section of application completed by employer or your most current pay stub.
    • If self-employed, you need to furnish 6 months of pay stubs.
    • Falsification of application.
    • Applicant has had legal items related to housing in the last 4 years.
    • Applicant has had tax liens in the last 4 years.
    • Applicant has had outstanding debt to previous landlord(s) in the last 4 years as reported by the Credit Bureau.
    • Applicant’s Credit Score is less than 600. If applicant’s credit score is greater than a 550 but lower than a 600, tenant may be asked to pay an additional month’s rent to be held in escrow acting as last month’s rent upon owner approval.
    • Tenant will be automatically declined due any felony charges that jeopardizes a person’s safety, any manufacture and/or distribution of controlled substances, felony resulting in bodily harm, or felony related to intentional damage or destruction of property.
    • Tenant will be automatically declined due to any sexual related offenses, misdemeanor or felony.
    • Applicant has had eviction filed in the last 5 years.
    • Poor rental history profile after verification from previous Landlord.
      1. Slow or non-payment of rent.
      2. A history of violence to persons or property.
      3. A history of poor or unsanitary housekeeping.
    • History of unruly or destructive behavior by resident or resident’s household.
  6. PETS:
    All PETS must be approved by the Property Owner and/or EXPERT Property Management. Owner must provide a photo of the pet and provide shot record upon request. If a pet is allowed, there will be a minimum charge of a $250 NON- REFUNDABLE pet fee. Additional pets and large pets will be at an additional cost. This fee allows you the right to have an APPROVED pet on the premises. Tenant is responsible for all damages caused by pets. This fee is not a damage deposit! The following pets are not allowed at any time: Doberman Pinscher, Huskies, Saint Bernard, Malamutes, Great Danes, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Akita, Bull Mastiff, Chow, German Sheppard, Pit Bull, Presa Canario, and Dogs that contain a mix of one or more of the above breeds, or any animal not approved by a homeowner’s insurance company.
  7. If approved the full security deposit must be paid in either certified funds or a money order within one business day of approval. Once all funds have been received, we will take the property off the market. Full first month’s rent is due on or before occupancy date. Second month is prorated. 

Moving In

Thank you for choosing a property offered by EXPERT Property Management. Below you will find information and forms that will help you move into your new home. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

Move-In Inspection

Prior to move in an EXPERT Property Management team member will complete a move in inspection, noting any existing damage and defects. Tenant will receive a copy of the inspection form at move-in and be allowed 7 days to add any additional discovered damage and defects, and return the form to our office within the 7 days. If the document is not returned, it will be assumed that the tenant has no additional concerns and the original copy completed by our staff will be used upon move out. Feel free to document with photos or video during move-in to ensure there are not additional damage charges. Make sure date and time stamp is on during pictures and video.

Tenant is encouraged to document to following:

  • Any carpet stains, cosmetic imperfections, and any mechanical defects with the home.
  • Any large holes or damaged doorways, trim and baseboards.
  • A/C not Working
  • Fridge not Cooling
  • Plumbing or Electrical Issues
  • Any Appliances not Working

Submit a maintenance request online for any mechanical defects discovered. We will schedule a technician to take care of required issues. (Do not submit for cosmetic repairs).


  • All utilities must be switched into the tenant’s name on or before move in date. If utilities are not changed over, either EXPERT Property Management or the owner may terminate service, which will result in loss of power or water to the house.
  • Satellite service is available for most of our properties; however, no satellite can be attached directly to a house or roof without written permission from Management. A pole can be placed anywhere on the property (within guidelines of HOA association if applicable) without consent.

Making Payments:

  • Rent can be paid online, in our office, or by mail.
  • Personal checks will be accepted until a check a NSF check is received.
    • Certified funds will be required after any check is deemed NSF.
  • Prior to move-in, security deposit, first month’s rent, and leasing fees must be paid.
  • These funds must be paid in Certified Funds(cashier’s check or money order)

Moving Out

Thank you for renting with EXPERT Property Management. We hope you have been satisfied with your rental home, and hope that you have a stress free and easy move out. Please contact our office if you need any assistance or have any questions about the move out process.

Below you will find the required steps and useful information pertaining to your move out process.

  1. EXPERTS Property Management must be notified in writing of your intent to vacate the property, at least 30 days before you plan on moving out. Refer to your lease for exact notice requirements. Complete “Notice to vacate “form.
  2. All utilities must remain on, in your name, for 5 business days after the end of your lease date, regardless of your actual vacate date. If utilities are not left on, a reconnection fee will be charged to your account along with any actual utility cost incurred during the 5- day period.
  3. Garage and alarm remotes should be left in the kitchen, on the counter at move out. Keys should be returned to the EXPERT Property Management.
  4. You have not officially moved out until you surrender the property to EXPERT Property Management. Surrendering the property requires that all house and mailbox keys are returned. You may:
    • Drop off keys at our office, located at 4110 S. Florida Ave Suite 110, Lakeland, FL 33813. They can be dropped through the back drop box after hours and over the weekend. Make sure keys are inside an envelope and marked before dropping them in the slot.
    • Request a lockbox to be installed at your house and place your keys in the lockbox upon departure.
  5. Walk-throughs are not completed with departing tenants. We will complete our inspections as soon as you have surrendered the property. Tenants will not be allowed back into the home for any reason after vacating, so please ensure that you have fully completed all move-out cleaning and maintenance prior to vacating home.
  6. All property and trash must be removed from the property before you surrender it. Large item or bulk pick up should be arranged through garbage provider for items placed at street. Additional charges may be assessed for trash hauling.
  7. Upon surrender of the property, the following should be completed at the house:
    • Home cleaned to the standard outlined by the “move out checklist”.
    • Carpets professionally cleaned – receipt should be left on kitchen counter or e-mailed to office. Personal or rented carpet shampoo machines will not be acceptable.
    • Lawn should be mowed, all bushes and shrubs should be trimmed, and flowerbeds should be weeded.
    • A/C Filter should be replaced and all light bulbs should be in working condition.
    • Replace any non-working blinds, stove drip pans, smoke detectors/batteries, broken or missing door stops, and drain stoppers.
    • Any rooms painted without authorization, or under condition of being returned to the original color, should be repainted back to the original color. Walls should be free of major scuffs and gouges; nails should be removed from the wall.


Security Deposit

Your security deposit will be returned to you within 30 days after you surrender the property to your last known address. Please make sure we have your forwarding address for quicker claim processing and receipt.

Your deposit will be handled in one of 3 ways:

  1. Full Refund of Deposit
  2. Partial Refund of Deposit – Invoices and a detailed statement will be included listing any deductions and/or charges.
  3. No Refund of Deposit and/or a Bill for Damages – Invoices and a detailed statement will be included listing any deductions and/or charges.

If you receive a bill, the balance must be paid within 30 days of receiving the bill.


If Tenant wishes to stay longer than specified on the 30-Day Notice to vacate form, tenant must first call our office to see if this extension is acceptable. If the extension is acceptable, tenant must complete a new Notice to vacate form to show the new move out date. Tenant will be responsible for all rent to the new date. If tenant requests an extension, but vacates earlier than expected, tenant is still responsible for rent up to the date shown on the Notice to vacate form.

Early Departure

If tenant vacates prior to the 30th day of the notice to vacate, tenant should notify EXPERT Property Management and turn in all keys. Tenant is still responsible for rent until the last day of the calendar month. EXPERT Property Management will attempt to prepare the unit for new tenants as quickly as possible and if new tenants are selected prior to the last calendar day of the month, pro-rated rent shall be given with the refund of the Security Deposit, if applicable.


Please hire a professional cleaning service to handle the cleaning of the home upon your departure. EXPERTS Property management is happy to refer you to a company if needed. Please understand that we rarely see homes cleaned by the tenant that meet our expectations. Even if only a few small items are missed during a cleaning, a cleaning company still must be called out and Tenants will be responsible for billing.

Carpet Cleaning

If a receipt is not provided with the key turn in, Carpet cleaning is automatically performed after a tenant vacates the property with an EXPERT Property Management approved contractor and the cost is automatically deducted from the security deposit paid upon move in.

Light Bulbs, Smoke Detectors, ETC

Tenant is responsible for maintaining all smoke detectors during occupancy. Tenant is responsible for replacing all expired/missing light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, appliance light bulbs, and furnace filters upon their move out. The cost to replace them will be at the tenant’s expense.